Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday's "Forgotten" Books: the links

Filling in this week for Patti Abbott, who will be compiling the links again next week...if I've missed you book, or someone else's, please let me know in comments...thanks!  -Todd Mason

Sergio Angelini: The ABC Murders by Agatha Christie

Yvette Banek: The TBR Pile

Joe Barone: Rolling Thunder by Chris Grabenstein

Brian Busby: The Devil's Due by Grant Allen

David Cramner: Call for the Dead by John LeCarré.

Bill Crider: The Real Cool Killers by Chester Himes

William Deeck: The Affairs of O’Malley (aka Smart Guy) by William MacHarg; At One Fell Swoop by Osmington Mills

Martin Edwards: Sudden Death by B.C. Skottowe; 10 Best Golden Age Mystery Novels

Peter Enfantino and Jack Seabrook: DC horror comics, ca. 1973 

Barry Ergang: The Man Who Turned Into Himself by David Ambrose (hosted at Kevin Tipple's blog)

Curt Evans: The Case of the Perjured Parrot by Erle Stanley Gardner

Shonna Froebel: Ghost Girl by Helena McEwan

Ed Gorman: The Collected Stories of Stephen Crane

Josef Hoffmann: 20 Detective Novels by Writers Known for Other Sorts of Fiction

Rich Horton: Ladies and Gentlemen, by Irvin S. Cobb

Jerry House: The Other Passenger: 18 Strange Stories by John Keir Cross

Allen J. Hubin: Out of Nowhere by William Marshall

Randy Johnson: Apache Breakout by Louis Masterson

Nick Jones: The Tin Men by Michael Frayn

Tracy K: Faith by Len Deighton

George Kelley: Horror: Another 100 Best Books edited by Kim Newman and Stephen Jones

Rob Kitchin: Casual Rex by Eric Garcia

Marvin Lachman: A Night of Errors by Michael Innes

Kate Laity: Money in the Bank by P. G. Wodehouse

B.V. Lawson: Victorian Tales of Mystery & Detection edited by Michael Cox

Evan Lewis: The Double Take by Roy Huggins

Neer: Prison and Chocolate Cake by Nayantara Sahgal; Forty Years of Test Cricket: India-England 1932-1971 by Saradindu Sanyal

John F. Norris: Murder at the Women's City Club by Q. Patrick 

Juri Nummelin: Already Dead by Charlie Huston

James Reasoner: The Western by Phil Hardy

Karyn Reeves: Four Frightened People by E. Arnot Robertson

Richard Robinson: A Bicycle Built for Brew by Poul Anderson (The Collected Short Stories, V. 6)

Peter Rosovsky: Hopscotch by Brian Garfield

Ron Scheer: Frontier Stories by Bret Harte

Kerrie Smith: The Cartographer by Peter Twohig

Dan Stumpf: Murder Plan Six by John Bingham

Prashant Trikannad: Famous Monsters of Filmland 1982 Film Fantasy Yearbook

David Vineyard: Witchwood by John Buchan

A. J. Wright: The American Child: A Journal of Constructive Democracy

Thursday, July 31, 2014

July's Underappreciated Music: the links

Reneé Fladen...apparently the inspiration for
The Left Banke's first two singles.
The monthly assembly of undervalued and often nearly "lost" music, or simply music the blogger in question wants to remind you reader/listeners of....or, in featured posts from both Bill Crider and Jerry House, to remind you why the past isn't solely a treasure-trove...

Patti Abbott: Summer Songs; Tuesday Night Music; Saturday Night Music; Theme Music

Brian Arnold: The Left Banke

Jayme Lynn Blaschke: Friday Night Videos

Sean Coleman: Ottawa Bluesfest; Skip Spence: Oar

Bill Crider: Song of the Day; Worst Pop Videos from the 1990s

Jeff Gemmill: Juliana Hatfield: Bed; Emmylou Harris in Philadelphia, 1985; Natalie Merchant in concert, 2014

The Dave Brubeck/Joe Morello/Gene Wright Trio with Tony Bennett: 
"Lullaby Of Broadway," "Chicago," "That Old Black Magic," and "There Will Never Be Another You" in concert at DC's Sylvan Theater, 1962

Randy Johnson: John Mayall's Blues Breakers: With Eric Clapton

George Kelley: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: CSNY 1974

Kate Laity: Luke Haines, Scott King, et al.: Adventures in Dementia

Jacqueline T. Lynch: Ann Blyth: "Indian Love Call"

Lou Harrison (composer): String Trio (1946)

Linda Quan, violin
Lois Martin, viola
Madeleine Shapiro, cello

Todd Mason: some punk rock (a little folk music mixed in)

Lawrence Person: Shoegazer Sunday

Charlie Ricci: Graham Nash: Wild Tales

Richard Robinson: The Fred Hirsch Trio: Alive at the Vanguard

Kasey Lansdale & RAB4: "Sorry Ain't Enough" in rehearsal

Janina Gavankar: "Love Lockdown"
The actress also trained academically as a musician, and does a very creditable cover of a typically minor Kanye West song:

Leonard Bernstein: Inside Pop: The Rock Revolution (CBS-TV 1967)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tuesday's Overlooked Films and/or Other A/V on Wednesday: the links

The rumor of an upcoming Slightly ScarJo is unfounded.
Below, the links to this week's reviews and citations As always, please let me know in comments when I've missed yours or someone else's...and, as always, thanks to all our patient contributors and to you readers...

Margot Adler

This week:
Dedicated to the memory of Margot Adler.
New York Times; NPR.

Anne Billson: Finding Vivian Maier

Bill Crider: Slightly Scarlet [trailer]

Brian Arnold: The Beatles Forever
Finding Vivian Maier

BV Lawson: Media Murder

Cullen Gallager: The Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion

Dan Stumpf: Fury at Gunsight Pass

Ed Gorman: Lee Goldberg's videos

Ed Lynskey: Cotton Comes to Harlem; Life Itself

Elizabeth Foxwell: Alias John Preston; The Irish Humanities Alliance: "The Success of International Crime Fiction"; Hour 25: Philip K. Dick

I Love Trouble
Evan Lewis: I Love Trouble; Spy vs. Spy (Season 4)

Jeff Flugel: the 10 best 1970s sf movies

George Kelley: Poirot: The Big Four; Begin Again

Iba Dawson: Boyhood

Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.: TCM August; Epix channels

Jackie Kashian: Doug Mellard on Magnum, PI

Jacqueline T. Lynch: Rose Marie

The Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion
Jake Hinkson: Laura

James Reasoner: "Where's Waldo?"

Jayme Lynn Blaschke: ArmadilloCon

Jerry House: One Step Beyond: "Night of April 14th"

John Charles: Herschell Gordon Lewis: The Godfather of Gore

John Grant: Cage of Evil; Carrefour; The Counselor

Jonathan Lewis: Kansas Pacific; Black Legion

Kate Laity: Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival; Adventures in Dementia

Kliph Nesteroff: Ed Asner

Laura: Duffy of San Quentin; Dude Cowboy; Painting the Clouds with Sunshine

Lucy Brown: Tender Comrade

The Lookalike
Martin Edwards: The Lookalike

Marty McKee: Exhumed Films' Forgotten Film Festival 2014

Max Allan Collins: San Diego ComicCon

Mystery Dave: Wholly Moses!

Philip Schweier: The Sea Hawk

Rick: Pitfall; Parker Stevenson
Night Must Fall

Prashant Trikannad: Valkyrie

R. Emmett Sweeney: The Whistler (film series)

Randy Johnson: Night Must Fall; Son of Zorro (aka Il figlio di Zorro)

Rod Lott: The Legend of the Lone Ranger

Sergio Angelini: Marlowe, Private Eye (aka Philip Marlowe, Private Eye); Shroud for a Nightingale

Stacia Jones: The Congress; Another Dawn
The Congress

Stephen Bowie: Noel Black

Steve Lewis: Rogue (tv series); Three Blondes in His Life; Sherlock Holmes and the Deadly Necklace

Todd Mason: some visual artists I went to high school with

Yvette Banek: Posters I Love for Films I Don't Want to See

The Shanghai Gesture
The Counselor

Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday's "Forgotten" Books: the links

Filling in this week and next for Patti Abbott...if I've missed you book, or someone else's, please let me know in comments...thanks!  

Todd Mason (and there definitely might be a few more added over the course of the day...very slow web connection this morning/aft slowed delivery today...sorry about that!)

Sergio Angelini: Shroud for a Nightingale by P.D. James

Yvette Banek: 

Joe Barone: Mind Scrambler by Chris Grabenstein

Brian Busby: The Temple on the River [aka Les Écœurants] by Jacques Hébert [trans. Gerald Taaffe];

Ingluvin magazine, No. 2, Spring 1971

Bill Crider: 500 Essential Cult Books: The Ultimate Guide by Gina McKinnon with Steve Holland

William Deeck: First Come, First Kill by Francis Allan

Martin Edwards: The Young Vanish by Francis Everton

Curt Evans: Gold Coast Nocturne [aka Dead on the Level] by Helen Nielsen

Ed Gorman: The Dead Beat by Robert Bloch

Rich Horton:  The Haunted Bookshop by Christopher Morley

Jerry House: The Mind Parasites by Colin Wilson

Allen J. Hubin: Vane Pursuit by Charlotte MacLeod; Fangs of the Hooded Demon by Geoffrey Marsh

Randy Johnson: The Crime of the French Cafe as by Nicholas Carter; Sherlock Holmes & Kolchak, The Night Stalker: Cry of Thunder by Joe Gentile, Andy Bennett & Carlos Magno

Nick Jones: Lucifer by Eddie Campbell, Phil Elliott and Paul Grist

Tracy K: The Crow Trap by Ann Cleeves

George Kelley: Horror: 100 Best Books edited by Kim Newman and Stephen Jones

Margot Kinberg: enabling in mystery novels

Rob Kitchin: Cross of Iron by Willi Heinrich

Marvin Lachman: Death in the Rain by Frank Parrish

K. A. Laity: Wodehouse: A Life by Robert McCrum

B.V. Lawson: Death of a Dutchman by Magdalen Nabb

Evan Lewis: The Convertible Hearse by William Campbell Gault

Neer: The Human Factor by Graham Greene

John F. Norris: Death on Tiptoe by R. C. Ashby

John O'Neill: To Here and the Easel by Theodore Sturgeon (an abridged UK variant of The Worlds of Theodore Sturgeon)

Patrick Ohl: The Death of Laurence Vining by Alan Thomas (hosted at Kevin Tipple's blog)

J. Kingston Pierce: Mystery Magazine

James Reasoner: Move Along, Stranger by Frank Castle

Karyn Reeves: The Doors of Sleep by Thurman Warriner

Peter Rosovsky: The Mad and the Bad by Jean-Patrick Manchette

Ron Scheer: Main-Travelled Roads by Hamlin Garland

Jack Seabrook: "Death of the Kerry Blue" by Henry Slesar (Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, November 1968)

"TomCat": The Locked Room by P. J. Bergman

Prashant Trikannad: "The Dunwich Horror" by H.P. Lovecraft; The Hell Raisers (aka Saddle Pals) by Lee Floren

David Vineyard: The Unseen Hand by Clarence H. New; three British story-paper novels

Keith West: The Sorceror's Ship by Hannes Bok

A. J. Wright: Starett by Arthur V. Deutcsh

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ovation cable channel's web series: TOUCHING THE ART - Episode 2 - "Postmodernism, Post-Net & the Art Market"...and, for the hell of it, LIFE IN THE ARTS episode "Suminagashi Japanese Paper Marbling"

Panelist Carol Cheh was a highschool-mate of mine.

And, from 1999, another highschool-mate, Rebecca Ramos, leads off this episode with instructions for paper-marbling. (I'm pretty sure Becca and I were the only members of the [Honolulu] Punahou Class of '82 born in Fairbanks, Alaska.)(Becca definitely has a Bob Ross-style purr down cold.) Ramos currently co-chair of the studio art department at Cabrillo College.